PBA's Christian Community

Live Your Faith

At PBA, you will grow in your faith through experiences inside and outside the classroom. Prayer and worship on the beach, volunteering together through Workship, participating in inspiring chapel services and discipleship events, and global missions outreach.

The School of Ministry

Lead with faith, learn to use your gifts for God, and become a world-changer in PBA’s School of Ministry.

Strengthen Your Faith on Campus

PBA encourages you to share your faith and grow in your love of God. Through chapel services, countless opportunities to integrate faith and learning, and amazing events celebrating Christ, you’ll strengthen your faith and become who God has chosen you to be.


Meet in faith through PBA’s worship experience. Chapel helps you strengthen your commitment to God and your community through prayer and worship.



Speak with intention, ask with honesty, and spread the word of God. Wordship brings together words and worship to point others to Christ.


Faith-Based Activities

Act on your love of God and make powerful friendships in PBA’s faith-based student organizations and activities.

Clubs & Activities


Praise Christ through worship the the preaching of the Word from dynamic Christian leaders at our annual conference, Christival.


Serve Our Community
& the World

Service defines our community. Life-changing ministries and missions opportunities are part of PBA’s global outreach.

Student Ministry & Missions

Enrich your faith at PBA. Let your love of God overflow here, and around the world, with global service, campus ministries, and residence life discipleship.

Student Missions


Workship combines the words work and worship. This is our community service program that equips students to meet human needs with Christ-like action, locally and globally.


Our Calling as a Christian University

Palm Beach Atlantic University equips students to lead boldly, live lives of meaning and conviction, and discover the calling God has chosen for them. Grounded in faith and encouraged to bring the love of Christ to everyone, PBA students are servants who bring profound change to their world.

Our Foundation

We prepare students to lead with Christian values, to spread God’s love through service across the globe, and to live fulfilling lives.

PBA's History and Founding

Our Values

Seek unity, pursue excellence, show respect, reflect love, demonstrate integrity, and be accountable: these values bind us in service to Christ.


Mission, Vision & Purpose

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Join our Christ-focused family in worship and service and become the person God has chosen you to be.